Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dark Sisters Volume 5

Dark Sisters Volume 5: Into The Abyss is now available for sale.  Go to the Renderotica store for the illustrated story version or use the PDF download link for the comic version.
Here are some highlights :D
Caitlin tries to complete her bargain with Dark, what does the succubus have in store for our witches...
Kandi is still a captive of Natalie.  What fate awaits her and Carrie...

Where is Alana?  Is this a nightmare or is it real?

Caitlin discovers that the demon realm isn't so bad...  Tasha is less impressed...

I'll try posting some previews of some of my ongoing projects next, including Dark Sisters Volume 6 (the adventure continues...), Elventreat (a dark fantasy starring, as the title implies, a sexy elf...), Peril Island (a stand alone adventure in a tropical setting...), and Lexi Crane (Miskatonic University student Lexi discovers the secrets of Arkham, MA...)  I actually have a co-writer for Lexi Crane so it promises to be different :D

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