Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Status Of All My Projects

Dark Sisters
Luna collects rain check from Roxy
 Working on volume 6.  Will keep webcomic updates at once a week.  The completed volume 5 is available for sale.  Illustrated story version at Renderotica and Comic version at Drive Thru Comics.  Check the links.  Should finish posting the panels at Dark Sisters pay site as well and start posting volume 6 panels by next Month.

Lexi Crane
Lexi hot for teacher
Book one complete and for sale at both Renderotica and Drive Thru Comics (check the links.)
Will start work on book two soon once the plot points are figured out.

Elven Treat
Treat captured
 Still working on this.  Currently on chapter 2.  May post chapter 1 on Dark sisters pay site so you don't have to wait.

New Project
Kira shows off
New project I just started.  Should include both an art collection and a series of short stories.  Will feature characters from my other comics as well as new ones such as Kira here.

Peril Island
Tabitha checks out Meliani
This project is kind of on hold for now.  But I will be posting the first part of issue 1 on Dark Sisters pay site so you can check it out.

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