Sunday, May 3, 2015

Coming Soon

Ok, here's an update on current projects.
Lexi Crane Secrets Of Arkham:  Lexi X Formless Spawn 
Lexi Crane Secrets Of Arkham is almost done.  Should be available later this Month.  Work in progress is available on Patreon at $5.00 level.   If you need to catch up, the first book is available at DriveThruComics, Renderotica, Patreon ($10.00 level), and Erotic Illusions.

Elven Treat Level 1: Master and Apprentice

Elven Treat Level 1 should also be complete soon, probably next Month.  Work in progress is available on Patreon at $2.00 level.  Also at Erotic Illusions.

Dark Sisters Volume 6: Suzy entertaining the Thrall.
Most current Dark Sisters is always available at Erotic Illusions.  Completed volumes 1-5 are available at DriveThruComics in comic format and Renderotica in illustrated story format (full size panels.)  Of course, you can always follow Dark Sisters for free as the webcomic.

Girls At Play: Wanton Sorceresses featuring Caitlin and Kyela

The Wanton Sorceresses installment of Girls At Play is complete and available on Patreon at $5.00 level and on Erotic Illusions.  If you want to sample Girls At Play, the Kira installment is right here on this blog.  Not sure when a complete book will be available, probably later this Year.

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